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Stainless Steel with Bamboo Face Jnglst Watch

Stainless Steel and Bamboo Jnglst Watch | Shop | Junglist Network

£39.99 £45.00


After releasing our first watch this summer, we are proud to present a tougher and more durable Jnglst Watch as our next release

This is a very limited edition, black stainless steel, waterproof watch

At the intro price of £39.99 for the next week

The Watch face is made from Bamboo and is engraved with our logo, it has a leather Black Strap with Blue stitching and comes in a magnetic cork box for storage

The main body of the watch is made from Stainless steel and is waterproof and engraved on the back with our logo

  • Made from Stainless steel and Bamboo
  • engraved with the Jnglst logo on face and back
  • Comes in a Cork Box
  • Tells the time

Be an Original Junglist who knows what time it is (it's Jungle time obviously)

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