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Junglist Network Future Classics Mix CD - Volume 2

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Future Classics Volume 2 CD is finally here......

Our latest DJ Competition winner DJ Twitch takes control of the wheel and drives us into his world of Future Classic Junglist anthems. Representing the biggest, baddest and freshest tracks from across the world of Jungle.

Take a trip with us through the audio mangroves of the Jungle as DJ Twitch switches, mixes and scratches his way through this years selection, featuring tracks from across the Jungle spectrum. Twitch has dug through the virtual crates of new Jungle for some of the finest and freshest beats and basslines known to man. 16 tracks of pure Jungle Joy all with a common vibe , that in the future we hope will be called what they are…… Classics!

16 Tracks of Jungle Joy:

1     We want no more - Mooncat & Karlixx
2     So Alive (Jamie Bostron Remix)  G Duppy ft Gappy Ranks
3     Jungle Came First - Serial Killaz
4     King of Kings - Kursiva & Karlixx
5     The Hitman (Keith Rinse It Remix) - Marvellous Cain
6     One Drop Shop - General Narco
7     Got to Pray - BoomBassBrothers
8     Cease & Sekkle - Jman & Parly B
9     Inna Disya Time - (Bad Society Remix) - Steppa Style & Skarra Mucci
10   Step Aside - (Dirty Skank beats Remix) - Marcus Visionary ft Steppa Style
11   Babylon Bwoy - Kursiva & Dubtime
12   Kill the Whole a Dem (Serial Killaz Remix) - Numa Crew
13   Fat Booty (Brian Brainstorm Remix) - DJ Cautious
14   Fire we a Blaze - Brian Brainstorm
15   When I Pull Up - Jimi Needles
16   Keep a Cool Head - Phibes (Exclusive Mix for this album)


16 Tracks on one CD of Junglist Future Classics mixed by DJ Twitch.

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