Our Top 10 Camouflage Christmas present ideas

October 25, 2016

Our Top 10 Camouflage Christmas present ideas

Camo is back on trend again, so we thought we'd put together our Top 10 list for Camo Christmas presents for 2016. If you are looking for an unusual unique Christmas gift for him or her, we've got everything you could need. Look no further! We've got Chrstmas presents for men and women, cheap presents and very expensive ones. So put your list away and let us take care of all your Christmas shopping ideas.

10. Camo Magic Bucket Hat

Our Bucket hats come with a special floating device. Amaze your friends as they hover in front of you, Magic! Not really (maybe next year), these are just hats, but they do fit on your head and look great, so almost as good.

Camo Bucket hat

9. Camo Barrel Bag

Our Camo Barrel bag is just the right size for the camouflage lover on the go. Embroidered with our log

Camo Barrel Bag

8. Camo Adidas Trainers

 These Adidas Matchcourt Mid ADV trainers are amazing, we can only find them in one shop, so they won't be left for long. If you are buying Christmas presents for a sneaker freak who loves camo, surely this is a must.

camo adidas trainers

7. Camo Junglist / Skater T-Shirt

We've got loads of different Camo T-Shirts available for the perfect present for the camo lovers out there. All screen printed for a perfect quality finish. Check out our full range of tees.

Camo T-Shirt

6. Digital Camo Headphones

We found these Sennheiser digital headphones and think they look amazing. Always loving the digital camo look (we'll be bringing our own digital camo designs out next year). Grab a pair from this headphone customisation site

Camo Headphones

5. Camo Backpack

Our always popular "jnglst" camo backpack has been worn across the Globe. It's only £24.99 and is well build and long lasting with out logo embroidered on the back. A great present for anyone (especially gran) this Christmas)

Camo Backpack

4. Camo G Shock Watch

This G Shock Black Watch has some subtle camo on the background of the watch. If you are worried about your camo loving present receiver blending into the background with all the camo you have brought them, then maybe this is the present for you.

Camo G Shock

3. Camo Leather Wallet

Our Camouflage Wallet features a full body zip to stop things falling out and the inside is black leather with the usual card, cash and change areas. It's all made from real leather and is a bargain and great stocking filler for camo fans.

Camo Zip Wallet

2.  A Camo Tank - £50,000+

Feeling generous? Perhaps you'd like to get someone close to you a Camo Tank. Not a toy one (why bother) but a real driving tank. What could be more fun than driving to work in your tank. You can pick one up for about £50,000 upwards. Might not fit in the stocking or under the tree, but it will look great outside your house at Christmas.

Camo Tank for Christmas

1. Junglist Network Camo Parker Jacket

Ok we're a little bias after months of development, design and prototypes, we were so excited when they arrived it was almost too much. Our Custome limited edition camo parkers, look, feel and fit fantastically, have loads of little details (Jnglst logo on buttons, secret stash pocket), they have nice thick fur hoods and a great buy for this Christmas

Camo Parker Jacket




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