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February 04, 2019

Ray Keith Wearing Junglist T Shirt

We Love a good Rave at Junglist Network and hope that we help thousands of Ravers every year to look as fresh as they can in our Original threads. 

We've got different designs for different genres of Rave, our Reggae influenced Junglist range of tees, like our Jnglst Lion (pictured below) and our Jnglst Tribe, whose colours and style are the Reggae side of Jungle.

Our Favourite Rave design and one of our first designs, is our Back in the Day, Smiley tee. This has been worn by everyone from Mark Archer (Altern 8) to DJ Slipmatt. It comes in Range of colours and is a great look for all the Old Skool Ravers in the house.

We have more recently given the smiley face a Jungle update and coated our smiley with our own original design of Camouflage. In our new Camo Smiley Tees, these are being rocked by DJ's and MC's across the World of Rave.

If Drum and Bass is more your thing, then don't worry, we've got designs for you. Our Junglst Range of Tees and Camo Jackets are a strong look for any DnB Raver.

We love being repped by Ravers and artists alike and are proud to have had (to name just a few), Dr S Gachet, Benny Page, DJ SS, Kenny Ken, David Boomah, Uncle Dugs, Mark Archer, DJ Slipmatt, MC Skibadee, MC Navigator, MC Fearless. We even managed to get the legends of Hip Hop Sugar Hill Gang to wear our Clothes for their European Tour, which was a big look for us.

Our Jungle Roots T-Shirt sums up how Jungle Music is represented, influecned and influences many different forms of electronic dance music. From the more obvious Drum and Bass and Dubstep to Reggae and Breakcore, Jungle touches more genres of music than you might imagine. We want our clothing range to represent this, so we are happy to sponsor artists and musicians with a range of influences, not just pure Junglists, although we love them too of course.

So grab yourself a Jungle Rave T-Shirt or Camo Jacket and rep it at your local rave with pride.


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Size Guide

These Sizes are for Junglist Network clothing only.

L = Length
W = Width

All measurements are in inches

Junglist Network T-Shirts

Small           L28 / W18
Medium       L29 / W20
Large          L30 / W22
XL               L31 / W24
XXL             L32 / W26

Junglist Network Sweatshirts

Chest Measurements
Small           35-37 inches
Medium        38-40 inches
Large           41-43 inches
XL                 44-46 inches
XXL               47-49 inches

Junglist Network Polo Shirts (new designs from 2017 onwards) - Chest measurements
Small           37 inches
Medium        40 inches
Large            42 inches
XL                 44 inches
XXL               47 inches

Junglist Network Shorts
Small            30 inches
Medium         32 inches
Large            34 inches
XL                 36 inches
XXL               28 inches

Junglist Network Zip Hoodies

Chest measurement
Small      36-38 inches
Medium  39-41 inches
Large     42-44 inches
XL          45-47 inches
XXL        49 inches

Women's Clothing

Batwing Women's tops

Measurement from under armpit across width
Small        17 inches
Medium    18 inches
Large       19 inches

Organic Women's T-Shirt

Measurement from under armpit across width
XS            16 1/2 inches
Small        17 1/2 inches

Medium    18 1/2 inches
Large       19 1/2 inches

Long Women's T-Shirt

 Measurement from under armpit across width
Small        17 inches

Medium    18 inches
Large       19 1/4 inches

 If you can't find the measurement you want, please email us and we'll get back to you as quickly as possible.