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Chopstick Dubplate Collaboration

March 22, 2018

Chopstick Dubplate Merchandise and Clothing

Chopstick Dubplate are a truly original Jungle outfit who figured deserve some fresh Jnglst outfits in there life. Formed out of an international border transcending love of Jungle, Soundsystem culture, Ganja, Tacos and Camo they have some of the freshest sounding Jungle and on point artwork in the scene.  All respected artists with their own sounds and styles, the group features Aries, Jacky Murda, King Yoof and Tuffist.

Our new collobartive clothing range, takes one of the their designs and prints it in all it’s full sized glory on the back of the three different coloured tees, with a smaller print on the front breast. They are available exclusively in our online shop.

Chopstick Dubplate are a truly international group, operating out of London, Barcelona, Bristol and San Francisco representing a truly modern Junglist vibes. With a toe in Soundsystem and Reggae culture and sounds and some furious jungle beats, coupled with legendary vocalists like Demolition Man and Chesire Cat, their tracks transcend Jungle and lift up Reggae to a new high.

As is to be expected with such an eclectic group of world travellers, releases are a little more sporadic than most of us would like, but perhaps that adds to the excitement.

Helping to kick start the early noughties ragga jungle revival with fresh 10” vinyl releases cut on Jacky’s lathe to give them some appropriate soundsystem authenticity the group worked with Terry Ganzie, Pinchers, Johnny Osbourne and Jah Mason.

In 2004 Full length EP's started to drop with "21 Murda Shots", which began to set the standard to their future releases. By 2010 their releases and concept had started to shape into something a little different with releases like "Gundelero" and "Chopstick meets River Nile". It wasn't just the sound that had started to shape itself but the concept too. 

If you are lucky enough to catch on of their full crew shows, the energy and raw Junglistic vibes are the show that Jungle promoters have been searching for, original, authentic and packed full of vibes.

"Wanted Murda We Charge for" in 2013 with it's spaghetti Western shoot out artwork, followed by the Ryan air bashing "Worldwide Traveler" with Mr Williamz and Top Cat on top form.  Tying in the artwork and music into what i think they used to call a "concept album" or EP was genius and giving the band characters on each release propelled things along.

By 2014 the Chopstick Sound was fully formed as were their concept releases, which really propelled things to another dimension in Jungle.

We interview the group a few years ago, you can read the full interview on the Junglist network site

Cementing their position at the top of the Jungle tree in 2015 by winning the We Love Jungle Award for best Record Label.

Chopstick Dubplate Release

But onwards and upwards from winning, they have released their biggest tracks to date with chat show panel inspired "Tonight" and back to shooting it out in the West with "Gundolero" they are on Fire and nothing can stop them from interplanetary takeover. Their amazing Chopstick in Wonderland took things down a trippy rabbit hole with some amazing artwork.

We are happy to have them on board for our most exciting collab so far. We will be tapping into their love of Sound System, Artwork, Clothing and Culture to bring a range of Jnglst Clothing that has a slightly different vibe.

Our Range so far includes a soft and strong Chopstick Sweatshirt as well as 2 T-Shirt designs on various colours. One with a large front print that we have called the Classic and some with a front and back print.

Our first releases are now out and you can buy them exclusively in our online shop.

Catch up with all things Chopstick on their Blog, Soundcloud or Facebook page.

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