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The Junglist Network Future Classics Mix CD

February 29, 2016

The Junglist Network Future Classics Mix CD

Junglist Network’s “Future Classics” Mix CD.  Mixed by Walshy Selecta and featuring 15 of the biggest tracks on the Jungle scene from the last year.

Released on the 17th March and available only on Junglist Network.

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We are proud to present the first in a series of Junglist Network Mix Albums that will stamp a mark in the timeline of the Jungle Sound.  15 tracks from across the world which capture the vibe of the Jungle scene right now. Jungle survices through it’s constant evolution. It influences and is influenced bny the sounds around it. The Annual Junglist Network mix CD aims to be a constant in this ever changing scene.

Join us on a journey through 15 future classic tracks from the last year. From Reggae infused Jungle through to dancefloor monsters. With our 2015 DJ Competition winner Walshy Selecta at the helm guiding us through the Amen soundscape and blasting us into the stratosphere.  We listened to hundreds of tracks as we narrowed down our list of tunes we feel best represent the current flavour of Jungle. We hope in years to come people will look back at these tracks and call them what they are…. Classics!

15 Tracks of Jungle Gold including:
Chopstick Dubplate – Tonight
FLeCK – Keep it Burning
Simply Dread & Duburban Poison – Pressure
Papa G, Tom Merrix Merricks & DJ Suspicious B – Baby Tonight
Cutty Ranks & Curtis Lynch – Badness (Marcus Visionary remix)
Dope Tingz (Dope Ammo & Run Tingz Recordings) – Time Fi Dance
King Yoof & Uncle Dugs – Mi a Raver
Rewind Culture – Stone Love
Lorast – Lordubz
Dialect & Kosine – We are Junglist
Madd-Inc – Lock Dem Off
Marvellous Cain & Dope Ammo – Tired Fi Lick Weed in a Bush
LION UK – Inna Heart
DJ Hybrid – Puffin Erbz VIP
Jungle Citizenz – Sound Fi Dead

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