Privacy Policy

We value the importance of your personal data and information, We will not share it with other companies and will always store it securely and will be more than happy to share it with you as a valued customer and Junglist.

What Data Do you Store?

We only use data personal to you that you give to us through an order in our online shop.

We store the following information:

Name and Address (Shipping and Billing address)
Phone number (if provided)
Email Address
Payment Information
IP Address

All of this data is required to process your order securely, with the ip address helping us to stop credit card fraud.

We don't sell your details to other companies.


We protect all of your information using Shopify's most modern security techniques. We use payment platforms that have fantastic data storage, privacy and security.

Length of Data Storage

The law requires we keep your data from payments for 7 years, after which it will be deleted.

Purpose of Data Storage

We use your data for order processing, in which your address and name and contact details are shared with our warehouse fulfilment centre, they full comply with all European Privacy laws and keep the data very securely.

Mails Outs / SMS

If you signed up to one of our mailing lists, you can unsubscribe to it easily by clicking he unsubscribe button or texting stop.

3rd Parties

Sometimes we will share data with our 3rd Party partners, this data us only shared when we are legally obliged to do so (in the case of a fraudulent order) and we ensure all our partners privacy policies are up to date and comply with the latest law

Currency Converter

By using this website you agree to allow selected third parties to use your IP address for the purposes of currency conversion. This will also store a temporary cookie on your browser to keep your selected currency during your visit. 



Our website uses Cookies, to help ensure you have a smooth shopping experience

Viewing or Deleting your data

You can contact us any time to find out exactly what data we are storing and you can request we delete this data. If you have any questions about anything to do with your data or Privacy please get in touch with us

or you can send a letter to

Junglist Network

PO Box 10984



Size Guide

These Sizes are for Junglist Network, Jnglst Clothing, Born on Road, Chopstick Dubplate clothing only.

Junglist Network T-Shirts new products 2022

New 2022 Sizes

S 36/38" M 38/40" L 40/42" XL 42/44" 2XL 44/46"

Junglist Network T-Shirts older products

S 34/36" M 38/40" L 42/44" XL 46/48" 2XL 50/52" 3XL* 54/56" 4XL† 58/60" 5XL† 62/64"

Junglist Network Sweatshirts

Small           35-37 inches
Medium        38-40 inches
Large           41-43 inches
XL                 44-46 inches
XXL               47-49 inches

Junglist Network Polo Shirts (new designs from 2017 onwards) - Chest measurements
Small           37 inches
Medium        40 inches
Large            42 inches
XL                 44 inches
XXL               47 inches

Junglist Network Shorts
Small            30 inches
Medium         32 inches
Large            34 inches
XL                 36 inches
XXL               28 inches

Junglist Network Zip Hoodies

Chest measurement
Small      36-38 inches
Medium  39-41 inches
Large     42-44 inches
XL          45-47 inches
XXL        49 inches

Women's Clothing

Women's T-Shirt

Measurement from under armpit across width
XS            16 1/2 inches
Small        17 1/2 inches

Medium    18 1/2 inches
Large       19 1/2 inches


 If you can't find the measurement you want, please email us and we'll get back to you as quickly as possible.