Uncle Dugs on the Piste at Snowboming

April 05, 2018

Uncle Dugs on the Piste at Snowboming

Uncle dugs repping our winter jacket at Snowbombing

Last year we gave jungle legend, and Junglist Network Brand Ambassador Uncle Dugs one of our Camo Winter Jackets to keep him warm through the chilly months. We recently caught up with him to chat about his upcoming sets at Snowbombing 2018, last years experience and to see how he got on with that Winter Jacket.

Dugs has, through his legendary weekly Rinse FM show, been spreading the good word of Jungle since back in the day. His endless encyclopedic trainspotting knowledge of all things Jungle have seen him travel the World, Snowbombing is just one of his annual stop offs. 

Last year Dugs returned to Snowbombing (wearing our Jacket to keep him cosy) and played a few sets, including his off Piste return to Rompa’s Reggae Shack. He said, of his 2017 Snowboming set,

“I love playing at Rompa’s Reggae Shack, it’s a little bit different, you get to play a bit of everything, He gets 6 to 8 big guests who are appearing elsewhere and gets them into play something a little bit different. Eats Everything might play a little reggae set or a bit of jungle, it’s nice to have the freedom to play whatever you want. It’s on the slope so it’s people passing through rather than a club crowd”

Spotting famous faces on the slopes of Snowbombing

In between sets he found himself wondering the slopes, bumping into the legendary Eddie the Eagle along the way. If you haven't seen the film about him (it's amazing) or seen him flying through the air back in the days of Acid House and occasionally crashing, he's worth a google.

“He’s there every year, he’s super cool. He plays the role of himself, he isn’t scared to shake a leg, he’s always about for the clubbing.”

Aside from Olympic legends, Dugs also bumped into the once Lycra clad morning tv  presenter, Mr Motivator. He said of the 90 favourite, “he plays reggae once in a while, the moment he goes on there is a massive queue of people wanting autographs, I’ve never seen anything like it”. Once famous for his exercise work outs and infamous for his rumoured mc sets at raves, Mr Motivator is a Snowbombing regular.

For 2018, Uncle Dugs is returning to Snowbombing this April to once again bring Jungle to the Slopes. 

This year he is playing in the main Arena for the first time and we can’t wait. The line-up is very hush hush, but it sounds like it’s going to be a monster. The production is always extravagantly amazing at Snowbombing. Dugs is a big fan and says of the experience “it always blows me away, they take over the whole town, restaurants bars, clubs, everything, It’s got a bit of class, everything is done very well, it’s proper”.

Uncle Dugs with Rachel Wallace
(Uncle Dugs with Old Skool legened Rachel Wallace at Snowbombing wearing our Lighter Tee)

Uncle Dugs goes skiing

Apart from dropping some Massive avalanche causing sets, can he ski? Was he gracefully weaving his way at high speed through the pine trees, stopping for a cheese before darting down a black run like a hero? Well, not exactly. “Well, where I used to live, there is a dry ski slope, so I learned as a kid, but I get the vibe I can do it. I’ve got all the gear and no idea, but I think I’m going to have a little ski this year” he told us.

It’s Dugs 5th year at Snowbombing and he has seen some memorable sets over those years with the line-up always an eclectic, on-point soundscape of goodness. We asked Dugs which sets stood out to him from his years of partying on the slopes. “Eats Everything was really good, he did the outside thing. The highlight was seeing an Oasis tribute band playing, had a great time at that” This year Liam Gallagher is head lining, so Dugs couldn’t be happier

“Before all the dance music I was brought up on bands, Pulp, Oasis. I saw ACDC last year, it was amazing, when I was younger I was a big fan, before I got into rave. I’ve still got a big soft spot for them” he told us.

How did he get on with our winter jacket?

Dugs was sporting our Camo Winter Jacket on the slopes recently and (without even a nudge from us), posted this glowing appraisal of it on facebook: "Let me tell you, i was playing in the French Alps 2 weeks ago, it -16 but felt like -50!

That Jacket right there saved my skin I tell ya, I can seriously vouch that not only does it look good but it's fucking warm too" 

High Praise indeed.

Uncle Dugs on the slopes
(Uncle Dugs and Shabba on the slopes recently)

Uncle Dugs will be returning to Snowbombing this April, from the 5th to the 9th in the Austrian ski resort of Mayrhofen, so why not join him? He’ll be playing in the main Arena as well as sets on the slopes at Rompa’s Reggae Shack, where he is going to be

“cramming in as much goodness” in to his sets as possible and promises he is going to go full pace for his main arena set. We certainly can’t wait!!

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