Christmas Gift Ideas and Stocking Fillers for Junglists

November 14, 2018

Christmas Gift Ideas and Stocking Fillers for Junglists

The Junglist Network Top 10 Jungle / Drum and Bass Christmas Presents for 2018

It's nearly that time of year again. When every Junglist goes to open their Christmas presents across the World and once again they just aren't Jungle enough.  Don't let this be one of those Christmas. Check out our full selection of Christmas gifts anyone into Jungle or Drum and Bass would be happy to get this Xmas.

Not sure how to tell your Gran that unless she is knitting you a Camo Christmas Jumper she's barking up the wrong tree. Just tag give them a tag when you share this article, after all even your Gran has facebook these days.

We've been working hard to bring our a Collection that goes beyond just clothes this year. Below we've listed some of our favourite Stocking Filler items as well as a few big Clothing ideas that might help you out.

Just to make life easier, lets make it a Top 10.

The Top 10 Christmas Gifts for Junglists in 2018

Surely a great Stocking Filler for every Junglist.
These Bamboo Phone covers fits the iphone 6 / 7/ 8 and our other one fits the Samsung S8. They are both made from Bamboo with our Jnglst Logo engraved. They have a rubber back to them that the phone fits into and have all the correct holes to fit your cables.

Bamboo Phone Cover for Junglists

Every wall should have some Jungle or Rave art on it. We've got a selection of different sized art prints from our own designs and legend of Rave PEZ. We've got our Jungle Roots Print and our Classic Mixtape for only £19.99 while stocks last

Jungle Roots Art Print

This one is for all the Coffee drinkers out there. Although it does keep your drinks Cold as Well as Hot, so could be for anything.

For the Vinyl Lovers and Players out there. We brought out three of our favourite designs as Slipmats. They come in a pair, are anti static and fit perfectly on your deck to give everything that extra Jungle flavour.

Junglist Slipmat

Carrying on from our now infamous Camo Backpack range, we thought we'd try an on trend edition to our Streetwear range. This Midnight Black Camo back is perfect for a Junglist on the Move and fits everything a Junglist could need.

Ok it's not summer. But what are you going to wear on your Winter Holiday, or in the car when the sun is all low and glarey. Get some Jnglst Bamboo sunglasses in your life. They come in a cute little Bamboo carry case and our engraved in all the right places.

We brought out three new Bi Fold Canvas Wallets this year. They are made from 3 different takes on Camo out of fabric that is hard wearing and tough to survive being your wallet. A cash, card and change area and our logo on the front.

Camo Wallet for Junglsts

Similar to our now Sold Out First Edition Camo Parka in style and cut. With a thick Faux fur hood, stuffed full on fibre to keep you warm and printed all over in our Jnglst Camo Pattern. It's a warm and waterproof Jacket that should keep any Junglist cosy this Winter. They are limited edition to only 200 and will never be repeated again. See our Jacket in all it's Camo Glory on our site.

Camo Parka Jacket

  • At Number 2, it's our New Bamboo Watch for Junglists

After the Sell out success of our first Bamboo Watch, we made a slightly smaller and much stronger version this time round. Also it has the added and very crisp looking Silver Jnglst Logo on the face. It is engraved on the back and strap and comes in a very cool engraved Bamboo Box. It also tells the time. See our full range of Junglist Watches.

  • This years number 1, our Camo Skate Deck

People have been buying these just to put on their walls. But we'd rather you got them kitted out and got your skate on. They are made of Hard sustainable Maple wood and our Camo design looks amazing on them. They come in a range of sizes to suit all styles, sizes and skill levels. You can Buy our Camo Skate Deck and make a Junglist very Happy this Christmas in our Online Shop


So that's our list, you can click on each item to link to it on our shop. Or you can see a whole Range of Christmas Gifts on our site.

Read our 2015 Top 10 Christmas presents story.

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