Jungle and Rave Artwork available exclusively on our site

February 04, 2019

Jungle and Rave Artwork available exclusively on our site

We Love nothing more than a fresh bit of Jungle Artwork sitting on our Walls.

After lots of customer requesting us to make some of our designs available as art, we took the plunge and have never looked back.

All our artwork is printed on a very luxurious and thick Somerset 300gsm Fine art paper, which really holds the print well and is nice and strong and long lasting.

We initially put our Original Dubplate and Pure Junglist Artwork on Sale as A2 Prints and they sold out with a couple of weeks.

Since then we have expanded our range massively. Not only do we now offer a range of sizes, from A2 to A3 and square 30cm * 30cm prints but we also have loads of different designs printed and ready to roll.

From our White background Jnglst Mixtape design, which looks amazing with a white wooden frame, to our Skating Junglist inspired Jnglst Life artwork which we think looks crisp in a black metallic frame. What ever style you want to create, we're confident we've got you covered.

We were also very lucky to start stocking a few very rare Collectors pieces of Rave history from PEZ. If you don't know who PEZ is then you either weren't out raving in the 90's or you have forgotten everything that happened. PEZ designed ever rave flyer or poster worth mentioning, his artwork helped create a Rave esthetic which is still going strong today.

We have worked closely with PEZ to create some really stylish Authenticity certificates and the between them and the Art Prints you get a great edition to any Collection. We are selling the amazing Forest of Discovery, which are very very limited edition and a gem of a Rave classic. Through to the ever popular and always well know PEZMAN. Originally created for Raindance it has gone on to be an iconic figure in the rave scene.

We are also very happy to be working alongside the new wave of Jungle heroes, Chopstick Dubplate. We also produce their clothing and merchandise for them which you can buy exclusively on our site. We have produced a series of Art Prints from the very original releases over the last few years. They come in a full range of sizes from 20cm * 20cm to 40cm whoppers. They are all printed on our favourite Somerset paper and look amazing.

Their amazing recent 4:20 art work and their Classics Worldwide Traveler and Bad Boy patrol have all been lovingly printed and are ready for your collection.

So what ever you fancy hanging on your walls. Some Old Skool original Rave Art by PEZ or a couple of releases from Chopstick Dubplate, we've got what you need.

Your Walls Will Love your for it.

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Size Guide

These Sizes are for Junglist Network, Jnglst Clothing, Born on Road, Chopstick Dubplate clothing only.

Junglist Network T-Shirts new products 2022

New 2022 Sizes

S 36/38" M 38/40" L 40/42" XL 42/44" 2XL 44/46"

Junglist Network T-Shirts older products

S 34/36" M 38/40" L 42/44" XL 46/48" 2XL 50/52" 3XL* 54/56" 4XL† 58/60" 5XL† 62/64"

Junglist Network Sweatshirts

Small           35-37 inches
Medium        38-40 inches
Large           41-43 inches
XL                 44-46 inches
XXL               47-49 inches

Junglist Network Polo Shirts (new designs from 2017 onwards) - Chest measurements
Small           37 inches
Medium        40 inches
Large            42 inches
XL                 44 inches
XXL               47 inches

Junglist Network Shorts
Small            30 inches
Medium         32 inches
Large            34 inches
XL                 36 inches
XXL               28 inches

Junglist Network Zip Hoodies

Chest measurement
Small      36-38 inches
Medium  39-41 inches
Large     42-44 inches
XL          45-47 inches
XXL        49 inches

Women's Clothing

Women's T-Shirt

Measurement from under armpit across width
XS            16 1/2 inches
Small        17 1/2 inches

Medium    18 1/2 inches
Large       19 1/2 inches


 If you can't find the measurement you want, please email us info@junglistnetwork.com and we'll get back to you as quickly as possible.